Cloud & DevOps Meetup | + Sander Knape (Skyworkz) & Maarten Dirkse (Bol.com)

De Nieuwe Poort (Claude Debussylaan 2-8, Amsterdam)

On Wednesday July 31st, the IT Infrastructure & Security Alliance is hosting another the Cloud & DevOps Meetup, as a Service!

In this edition we have 2 people share their experiences. The first on Platform Engineering and why every company should be conscious about why and how to setup this responsibility. We'll also listen to the story of how Bol.com migrated their infrastructure to Google Cloud; and what they learned along the way.


18:30 Doors open + Hamburgers
19:00 Talk 1: Sander Knape (Skyworkz)
20:00 Break
20:15 Talk 2: Maarten Dirkse (Bol.com)
21:15 End + drinks


Talk 1: Platform Engineering 101: empowering developers to deliver - as-a-service

What does it take to get an application into production? Many processes, tools and automation surround that application to deliver it to the customer. As it becomes more common for development teams to autonomously deliver and run their software, the focus of the traditional operational teams shifts towards an as-a-service mindset. But how is such a team positioned within the company? And is Platform Engineering any different from Software Engineering?

In this talk I’ll share my experiences as a platform engineer and explain why I believe that every company should be conscious about why and how to setup this responsibility. I’ll also discuss the biggest challenges surrounding it - and how to tackle them.

Talk 2: bol.com to the cloud: why, how and what we learned

In 2017 bol.com decided to start migrating their IT infrastructure to the public cloud. This talk will discuss why we made that decision, how we're going about the migration and finally share some of the lessons that we've learned during the effort.

About the speakers

1. Sander Knape (Skyworkz):
Sander is a DevOps Engineer at Skyworkz with experience at Coolblue where he was involved in migrating Coolblue to the Amazon Web Services. He has a background in both development and operations, and combines organisational as well as technical improvements to help companies get the most out of the Cloud.

2. Maarten Dirkse (Bol.com)
Maarten Dirkse is a Cloud Advocate at bol.com, the largest online retail platform in the Netherlands and Belgium. Having started his professional life as a Java developer, he spent the past couple of years developing and implementing bol.com’s CI/CD and container strategies. He is currently heavily involved in the company’s cloud migration.